Check out Manuscript Wishlist!

My lovely agent, Jessica Sinsheimer, and a crew of talented industry friends worked their tails off to bring you an updated version of Manuscript Wishlist, the eponymous site featuring agent and editor interviews, a collection of #MSWL tweets, and various clever search engines for writers looking to optimize their querying experience.

A post of my own is featured on Manuscript Wishlist. Check it out! I hope you find my querying tips on organization useful. 

Additionally, here are some of my favorite resources for querying:

  • Query Tracker: an invaluable tool where you can keep track of your queries, and also chat with other querying writers by trading submission anecdotes.
  • NYT Bestselling Author Susan Dennard's "How I Got My Agent" series on her blog: Susan's tips are a comprehensive guide to querying, from the query letter to research to organization to the call. Highly recommend giving all four blog posts a read.
  • Publishers Marketplace: This one goes without saying. PM contains a wealth of information on agents, editors, and publishing houses. It's a great way to supplement your research.

Best of luck!