Tackling the Dreaded Synopsis

I'm in the throes of drafting a synopsis at the moment, and I'm having a ridiculously tough time following my own advice, which is to relax and take it chapter by chapter. Currently, I'm feeling more frazzled than relaxed. I'm not normally a procrastinator, but man oh man, the thought of jumping back into my synopsis draft right now is unimaginable.

I think my problem is that I normally use my synopsis-drafting as a guide for working on revisions. At this point, however, I'm finished with revisions (for now!) and my current draft sits with my agent.

For those of you struggling with how to start the synopsis task, you might want to take a peek at my recent blog post at Writing With Mentors, where I hopefully will ease your fears.

And if you find any shortcuts (perhaps a Hogwarts-style spell or charm?), do let me know!